Friday, December 10, 2010

Pitures are finally here!

Hello Hello!

I've uploaded pictures to my picasa web-album of the first leg of our Australian adventure! Check out the link below and let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

First days on Hamilton Island, Whitsundays

G'day bloggas!

Yesterday we checked in and checked out our diggs on the island Hamilton. The Palm Bungalow is in the forest with full lanai equipped with hammock and comfy reading chairs. Inside is a sitting room, a queen and twin bed, kitchenette, and full en suite! It's sicker than sick. Though we're in the "cheap" diggs, we think it's better than hanging in some stiff high rise. (pictures to come) We then checked out our areas and walked over to the harbor side to shop so we don't have to eat out. (we have free buffet breakie everyday) we purchased heaps of food to come back to the room and figure out we don't have anything to cook on! Stupids. But housekeeping saved the day and brought us a microwave. Though not a cook top, we made some chef-style chicken tacos that were heaps good! mmmmm ^_^
Today we started out at 6:30 with a walk on the beach (only paces from our front door) then off to our buffet brekie. It was delish and time for a hike! we spent a few hours hiking up the mountain to a lookout point that was so breathtaking i had to keep reminding myself it was real! (again, pics to come) The views of the islands of the Whitsundays was unbelievable.
After our super sweaty hike, we stopped for a dip in the main pool to cool off after making lunch. Then after a quick dip, it was time for a little sail on the catamaran! Captain coco taught me everything i needed to know to become Captain Doctakiki! I learned tack and jibe turns and had us sailing in no time. Since we have free use of all the equipment, we only had an hour on the catamaran, but it was great and i hope to do it again Wednesday.
Tomorrow is our trip out to the great barrier for some snorkeling and to say a quick hello to the giant clam. That's all the bore i have for you today, keep following and we hope to have some pics of our adventures soon!
Just a quick side note.... the take home chef is on the island!! i saw him this morning on the way up to the hiking trail!! i was suuper starstruck! i loved his show!! He's definitely as cute in person as he is on the show!

And to all my single ladies... if you're in the market for a hottie aussie man... Hamilton island is the place.. but it's a bit srange b/c the ratio is definitley duderiffic! Looks like there's a shortage on ladies so hussle your tushies over here!!

docta kiki and coco dingo :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off we go!

G'Day Mates! 

The trip has finally arrived and the codifferus-fro and I will be heading to the land down unda, where toilets swing the other way, bears think they're pets, and Hiney is actually not Australian for beeeah! Please log in to this blog every so often to check out the most recent totally awesome adventure duuude. I'll also place our itinerary and calendar on this blog so if Facebook and blog stalking isn't enough for you... you know our coordinates to re-route your satellite and check us out on the blue wave!

Until we blog again, enjoy the white wave shred pow pow awesomeness and we'll see ya one the bottom of our blue orbital.


docta kiki